Heal Your Life - Speciality Workshops

Self-emPOWERment and Mindfulness for Tweens/Teens

Tweens/Teens often experience high levels of stress due to school, social pressure, family dynamics, hormones, body image issues and more. The Self-emPOWERment and Mindfulness program is designed to teach teens skills to cope with the world they live in, build a sense of community and increase gratitude, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-confidence. The program is based on the teachings of Louise Hay's "Heal Your Life" Adult workshop but has been adapted for tweens/teens (age group 11 - 17 years).

During this week-long program, teens are guided through a variety of fun activities, relaxation exercises, visualization, meditation techniques in a nurturing and safe environment. Tweens/Teens are encouraged to participate with an open heart and an open mind. There will be lots of discussions and group work. Tweens/Teens are inspired to create goals and develop the courage and perseverance to follow their dreams. They are introduced to mindfulness practices including yoga, becoming comfortable in their body and honing their mental aptitudes in a fun and captivating way. At the end of the week, teens develop health and wellness habits that last a lifetime, by focusing on positive outcomes.


  • Recognizing and managing negative emotions and undesired behavior.
  • Creating harmony and balance in one's life.
  • Developing a new vision of their future and creating supporting convictions.
  • Breath awareness and Breathing techniques to calm, energize and balance oneself.
  • Philosophy and Practices of Yoga including Yoga postures.
  • Inspiring teens to be ambassadors of positivity in the world.
  • Lots of props, music, art and poetry!


  • Happier tweens/teens. More awareness, resilience, better relationships, and collaboration between the tweens/teens and the people they interact with in their community.
  • Tweens/Teens gain improved self-confidence to live their lives with purpose and satisfaction.

How To Create What You Really, Really Want...
Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen Workshop

Imagine that the Universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen with an Infinite Menu, just waiting to take and fulfill your orders. In this workshop, you'll learn how to effectively place YOUR orders with the Cosmic Kitchen and use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in your life!

  • Discover the eight principles for creating your orders
  • Apply them to career, prosperity, relationships, health, traveling, and housing.
  • Learn why the Kitchen sometimes gives you lemons, and what to do when that happens.
  • Discover how affirmations plus feelings are the most powerful combination for achieving your dreams.

This workshop is based on a new book called Ordering From the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations by Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. The workshop will be lively and entertaining, and you will go home with powerful affirmations to create positive results in your life!

If you want to make this year your most incredible year ever, attend this workshop, create your affirmations, and then let your dreams come true!

Experience Your Good Now!
A transformational Heal Your Life® Workshop

  • Have you been struggling in some areas of your life?
  • Do you really believe you deserve a wonderful life?
  • Are your unconscious beliefs sabotaging you good?

In this Heal Your Life® workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Find beliefs that are limiting you now
  • Use techniques for transforming those beliefs
  • Love your Inner Child
  • Forgive the past
  • Welcome more good into your life.

Regardless of how much inner work you have done, there is always more to uncover.
Are you willing to go deeper?

Honouring Boundaries

Say Yes To Yourself
A 'Heal Your Life' Workshop on Honouring Boundaries

This workshop focuses on learning how to work with boundaries. What we say yes to and What we say no to defines our life. The quality of our relationships is significantly influenced by our ability to set healthy boundaries.

Setting appropriate boundaries is an act of SELF LOVE. We will dive deeper to understand our thought and behavior patterns around boundaries and how we can create healthy and compassionate boundaries.

Money Consciousness Workshop

Would you like greater prosperity in your life? If so,I am now offering a one day Money and Consciousness workshop designed to assist you in understanding how your thoughts and beliefs about money have been limiting you, and how to change those thoughts to create more prosperity in your life. This course is fun, exciting, and dynamic. This workshop will help you become friends with money! Yay!


  • To empower you in your relationship with money and other forms of prosperity by releasing limiting beliefs and practicing new ways of thinking about prosperity
  • To provide an assessment that provides insights for you in how you currently deal with money on the practical, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • To assist you in developing new or improved skills for accepting the prosperity of the Universe that is just waiting for you to receive it
  • To assist you in deepening your Trust in the flow of Universal abundance
  • To support you in creating your "new story" about prosperity.

The workshop is experiential and uses various methodology like meditation, visualizations, affirmation and the likes.
You will leave the workshop equipped with tools to redesign your money consciousness.

The Totality of Possibilities
For YOUR life!

  • Do you ever have a nagging feeling that you are not fulfilling your life purpose?
  • Do you know you have gifts that aren't being expressed?
  • Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this all there is?"

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, the Totality of Possibilities workshop is for you!

  • Learn the 5 keys for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Reclaim your greatness
  • Become aware of thoughts that limit you
  • Learn to accept who you are and where you are right now

Your Mind is Amazing!

Do you realize you are a walking miracle? Every day trillions of cells carry out their functions without you even thinking about them. until some of them don't function correctly. Attend this workshop and learn more about your own body-mind connection. Whether you are perfectly healthy or dealing with minor or major health concerns, NOW is the time to learn techniques to restore your body to health or stay healthy.


  • why a blue pill works better than a pink one for some symptoms
  • how emotional patterns contribute to disease
  • whether a positive attitude really contributes to a longer life
  • how miraculous healings occur
  • the power of the placebo effect
  • how affirmations and visualizations can help you heal



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