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M A T R I X    R E I M P R I N T I N G

  • Matrix Reimprinting is based on a number of key principles. The first is the quantum physics theory that we are all connected by a unified energy field, known as the Matrix.
  • Our more challenging life experiences are held as pictures in the Matrix in the form of Energetic Consciousness Holograms, or ECHOs.
  • With Matrix Reimprinting we can interact with these ECHOs to transform these past pictures and replace them with supportive ones. This changes our health, happiness, and well-being in the present.
  • Our ECHOs also hold us in negative states of belief which are destructive to our physiology. We can use Matrix Reimprinting to resolve these negative beliefs and return to health.

The Matrix Reimprinting technique allows you to interact with yourself in past situations and create new and supportive pictures and 'memories' in your field.

It is the negative pictures around past memories that cause you stress and disease in the present. When you change the pictures in the field you experience an unparalleled difference to your health and well-being in the present moment.

In Matrix Reimprinting we can look at our past and change the energy with this amazingly quick and effective tool and we can also go into the future to Matrix Reimprint an event that has not happened yet.

The benefits of using Matrix Reimprinting are as follows:

  • Very easy to use and extremely gentle on clients.
  • Quickly finds core issues, related traumas, and negative beliefs.
  • Locates pre-conscious trauma (pre 6 years) often beyond clients awareness and conscious memory.
  • Allows client to take learnings and make reframes themselves
  • Locates psychological reversal, secondary gains, etc.
  • Allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained from past events
  • Sends a message to the body/cells/DNA that the trauma is over
  • Offers resources for clients and rewrites the past
  • Naturally utilizes the law of attraction in a very powerful way
  • Works for future events as well as past

You can have fun with this therapy and the results are absolutely amazing

Matrix Reimprinting Packages

90 minutes single session - $245
5-Pack Special - five 90 minute sessions - $975 (save $250)


G Ruthara
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
EFT Certified Advanced Practitioner and Trainer

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