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What is DNA ThetaHealing®

ThetaHealing® is an amazing modality that is quite literally for the healing of one’s whole life - Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit - including one’s beliefs, and even genetic history!

ThetaHealing® is a technique that was revealed to Naturopath and Medical Intuitive, Vianna Stibal, while in deep states of prayer, as she pursued the healing of her body, which had previously been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

ThetaHealing® is a combination of many aspects of both Quantum Physics and Metaphysics - and it is as old as mankind!

ThetaHealing® is a conscious practice in the frequency of the Creator’s“Unconditional Love”, consisting of deep meditation, intention, prayer, co-creation, witnessing, gratitude and manifestation.

ThetaHealing® is one of the fastest growing modalities in the healing arts, having been taught in over 27 countries, by Vianna as well as her many certified Teachers, and with many hundreds of practitioners in even more countries around the world.


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